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Reid is a Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources Angler Education Instructor

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2012: From Cub Scout Pack 381

A Classroom

1. Fishing:  During July 2009 Reid gave two Bass Beginnings classes at an Elementary School in Southeastern Wisconsin.   Each of the two separate classesconsisted of three meetings for about two hours for each meeting.  See below example announcement, workshop overview and some selected photos from this and previous training sessions.  Reid provides the computer and equipment for knot tying, map reading and cast/"feel the bite"/"set the hook" hands on workshops.  The school must provide an appropriate projector for the lecture presentation.   Helpers will be needed.  Click on " Contact Us" if you are interested in being a "Class Helper" or would like to set up a class at your school or organization.Click here on "lecture summary presentation"  (Item #1) if you would like to see a summary of the lecture presentation.       

Click here on Agenda if you would like to see a typical class agenda.

During 2010 Reid will be developing three levels of Angler Achievement:  1) Initial (completed for 1 & 3 day programs); 2) Intermediate (completed for 1 & 3 day programs);  and 3) Skilled angler (to be completed).  Click on Angler Achievement Designations and Bass Beginnings On the Water Creel Sheet for more information.

2: Environmental:  Reid is a Biology Major and has over 30 years experience in industrial environmental management. Therefore he also can provide elementary schools with presentations on environmental matters.   Click on "Water and the World's Environment" to see example slide presentations (Item #2).

B On the water: This training is conducted in Reid's boat per the following (Click here on "Reid's Boat" for more boat information):

  • This is a training session and not a guided fishing trip (Reid does not charge a fee).   Sure...we will catch some fish but Reid will be showing you many techniques that may not necessarily be appropriate for the lake or the particular conditions of the day.   However we will spend at least four hours just trying to pierce bass lips. 
  • Children 16 or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • All Wisconsin fishing regulations ( ) must be followed to include having a valid fishing license for adults (resident and non resident ).
  • Reid has the required life jackets but bring your own if you have one.
  • Wear a hat and bring sun glasses (for SAFETY and comfort)
  • If there is a chance of rain bring a coat.
  • If the weather for the day is predicted to be very bad, rescheduling is OK. 
  • Total time on the water is about 6 hours.
  • Click on "Costs" for cost information.
  • Click on "Contact Us" to arrange a training session.


Elementary School Classroom Training

Example Announcement for Bass Beginnings Class 

UnlessYou like fishing and want to learn how to catch the big ones 

Reid Urban is looking for about 15 -20 youngsters that are serious about learning how to fish.  This workshop will teach you how to catch Bass.   Sure…pan fishing is fun but if you want to get something that will tug harder on your line you need to know how to do it and be willing to work at it.  Moms and Dads are encouraged to attend as “observers”.

 This is a three day workshop held at the Schulte School gymnasium and pond:

·           1st Session:   Tuesday  May 1st  …6:00pm to 7:30pm 

·           2nd Session:  Thursday May 3rd…6:00pm to 7:30pm  (Thursday may be changed to another day that same week)

·           3rd Session:   Saturday May 5th …10:00am to Noon at the Schulte School Pond (will re-schedule if rain).  A parent or guardian must attend for Saturday pond session !!

·           The workshop will consist of about half lecture and half “hands on training” (workshops). 

You will learn:

·           How to select the right equipment (what kind of reels and rods)

·           How to tie knots… so you won’t lose the big ones

·           What a Bass feels like (and the rod tip looks like) when it bites a plastic worm

·           How to cast a spinning and bait casting rod & reel

·           How to get the bite, play and land the fish

·           How to find the Bass


·           Must be a girl or boy (that’s the easy part) and…8-10 year’s old (that’s tougher… it takes 8 -10 ten years to do that)

·           Must really be interested in learning how to fish for Bass and doing something that doesn’t have an “Easy Button”

·           Must be willing to ask good questions (sometimes a few “stupid questions” works too!)


·           Your time

·           Complete Reid’s 5 minute course evaluation form at the end of the workshop

 Application:  “First come first serve” basis.   Complete the attached form and submit it to  Ms./Mr. XXX   by  Month X, 200X.



Workshop Overview

ØThree Workshop Sessions 
1.  Lines and worm rigging
Tie basic knots
Rigging plastic worms
2.  Handling the Fishing Rod
Feel the bite & set the hook

Casting open face & bait cast reel

     3.  Where are the Fish (Mark a Map for Fish locations)



Selected Seminar Summaries  2007 - 2012
1.  Schulte & Prairie Schools - 2007 & 2009  (Click Here) 3.  Adult Bass & Pan Fishing Class - 2012 (Click Here)
2.  Waterford Library Fishing Derby - 2010 (Click Here) 4.  Cub Scout Pack 381 Pan & Bass fishing class - 2012 (Click Here)

1. Schulte & Prairie Schools Photos 2007 & 2009




      Feel the bite!


Map Reading


Line Tying







School Ponds 



                                2. Waterford Fishing Derby - 2010

On June 22nd 2010 Reid was a helper at the Waterford Wisconsin Public Library fishing derby day.   Seven volunteers assisted 99 participants fishing on the Fox River dam next to the Waterford Library.   The river was high due to recent rains which kept the catch down but a good time was had by all.  See the photos below.  A special thanks to Tricia Cox, Waterford Library Children's Department and organizer of the Fishing Derby.  Great job Tricia!!


                                        A good time on the Fox River! 



                 Tricia Cox, Waterford Public Library Children's Department and Fishing Derby Organizer



Initial check in station for participants to enter derby                                     Gift Station




Good Spot on Shoreline                                                     Rod & Reel Rigging                             



Al And Bridget Urban                                                         Baiting



Successful Fishermen





      Fish Check in/Measuring and Identification            Volunteer clips prize on fishing line if cast goes in box                              


Some Volunteers had a tough day at the derby                                              



Get the Net!!                                                          Moving on to a Better Spot 




Prize Winners for 3 biggest fish caught



Thank You All  from the Waterford Library Staff

for a Great Family Fishing Day 

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3. Adult Bass & Pan Fishing Class - 2012

Bong Recreational Park March 2012 “Learn to Fish” Classes

During the last two weeks in March I performed WDNR Sponsored "Learn to Fish" Classes for adult beginners.  I was approached by Theresa Stabo and Kim Anderson of the WDNR Angler Education program to provide a three day seminar to teach fishing to adults with little or no knowledge of Bass fishing.   Before long the seminar was expanded to include Pan fishing and kids.   It evolved into a two hour class for Pan fishing, a four hour class for Bass fishing and a two hour pond demonstration.  The four instructors for the seminar were Dennis Veldman,  Jim Barrett, Harley Perkins and Reid Urban.

The Seminar was split into half lecture and half workshop and included a wide range of topics such as: basic line types (braided, Fluorocarbon and monofilament), how to choose a rod & reel, how to fill a reel, fish identification, seasonal fish migration, how to rig bobbers for Pan fish, how to rig plastic worms for bass fishing, boating and fishing safety and many more topics.

There were three “hands on” workshop stations of ½ hour each.   The workshops for the Pan fishing and Bass fishing differed somewhat but they both included topographic map reading, knot tying, how to rig several styles of bobbers, how to rig several styles of plastic worms,  how to “feel the bite”, how to set the hook, and how to play and land the fish.

The combined lecture and workshop scenario is effective since the student gets to hear it, see it and do itI have included a few pictures below from the seminar.

Pictures From March 2012 Seminar

        Opening Lecture (Reid Urban)                 Worm Rigging (Jim Barrett, Instructor)                 Students (Dennis Veldman Instructor)

  •                 Knot Tying                                    Feel the Bite     

  •                                                Adult Class Pond Photos

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  • *************************************************************************************************

    4. Cub Scout Pack 381 Pan & Bass fishing class - 2012

     During May 2012 we performed a seminar with Cub Scout Pack 381.  This seminar was for 7 to 10 year olds.   We covered both Pan fishing and fishing for Bass with a very similar content as the March seminar above.  The Wheatland Central Elementary School proved to be an excellent host and the accommodations couldn't have been better.   Thank you to the school, the attendees and the parents and friends that helped.   We also demonstrated lures at the KD Park pond and caught some fish.  The Park is located on Hwy KD a few miles south of Hwy 50.  Thanks again to everyone for a successful seminar.   See a few pictures below:

                  SET THE HOOK                            MAP READING                          KNOT TYING                                     


    Scout Pictures From May 2012 KD Pond


    From Cub Scout Pack 381


    For more information on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Angler Education Program click on .


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