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I keep  3-6 fish each year to eat.  I know many bass purists believe in total catch and release and that’s fine but I don’t believe keeping a few fish hurts the population.  I try to keep legal fish that have been hooked a little deep and might not survive if released.  Keeping a few fish also reminds me where food really comes from (not just the grocery store), that life is a gift and should never be wasted.  So… I never waste any fish I keep.   I try to eat fish caught that same or next day (it’s too easy to leave them in a freezer and forget about them until too late).   Anyhow here are some of my wife Sharon’s very simple and very good recipes for bass, catfish and some side dishes.   

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A.     Sharon’s easy and tasty catfish

B.     Sharon’s  Potato Salad

C.     Sharon’s tips for perfect hard boiled eggs

D.    Sharon’s stuffed baked bass

E.     Sharon’s deviled eggs  


A.  Sharon’s Easy and Tasty Catfish Recipe  


a.       Catfish filet:  Each about 7”-9” long

b.      Oil: Any cooking grease based on personal preference

c.       Bread crumbs: Seasoned or unseasoned

d.      Cream, whole milk or low fat milk

e.      Eggs


1.       Heat well greased frying pan. 

2.       Rinse filet in cold tap water

3.       Dip Filets in beaten egg batter with milk or cream.  For one or two filets about ¼ cup cream or milk to one egg

4.       Dip filets in seasoned or unseasoned bread crumbs

5.       Place breaded filets in hot frying pan with oil and fry until flaky

a.       Usually about 10 min each side

b.      A little longer if thicker than half inch or     

c.       Longer yet If you want them “Blackened” (Cook until bread crumbs get dark in color)

6.       Place in dish and squeeze a fresh lemon wedge on each filet

7.       Serve with applesauce or “Sharon’s Potato salad” (see “B. Sharon’s Potato Salad”).

So easy to cook and oh so good!

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B.  Sharon’s Potato Salad


a.      Use small red potatoes for best results

b.      Salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder, parsley flakes

c.       Finely chopped celery and onion

d.      Seven or eight eggs

e.      Real Mayonnaise

1.       Boil five lbs. of red potatoes until they are soft when pierced with a fork

2.       Also, boil approximately seven or eight hard boiled eggs (See “C. Sharon’s Tips for perfect hard boiled eggs”)

3.       Peel skins off of potatoes while they are still warm

4.       Cut in bite size pieces for your potato salad

5.       Add seasonings to your taste.  I add a pinch of salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder

6.       You can also, add finely chopped celery and onion if you wish

7.       After you have peeled your hard boiled eggs separate the yolks from the whites.

8.       Dice the egg whites and crumbled up the egg yolks.  Add both to the potato salad.  Add enough real mayonnaise for best flavor and mix well with potatoes so potatoes are well covered. 

9.       Save one hardboiled egg to slice up for topping, 

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C. Sharon’s Tips for perfect hard boiled eggs

1.       Start with fresh eggs

2.       Put eggs in pan and cover eggs with cold water

3.       With no lid on pan bring water to  boil

4.       Turn heat off

5.       Let eggs sit in hot water for 10 minutes

6.       Take eggs out of pan and cool eggs under cold running water

7.       Peel and dice eggs  

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D.   Sharon’s Stuffed Baked Bass  

        a.  Ingredients:.      

  • One largemouth bass about  16” to 19” long.     Gut fish to include removal of gills, scale the fish and leave whole fish with skin (don’t cut head off).    Wash fish thoroughly (make sure no blood remains).

  • Stuffing Ingredients: 1//2 cup of butter or margarine, one stalk celery, six slices bread, 1/8th cup onions, 1/4 cup mushrooms, one egg, 2 tablespoons cream  or whole milk.  Season to taste with powdered garlic, pepper, parsley flakes, salt 

 b. Preparation:   

  • Prepare Stuffing:

    • Sautee stuffing ingredients (without bread) in pan until butter melts. 


    •  Break up bread in pieces and place in bowl or pot.   Poor sautéed ingredients over bread and mix. 

    • Beat one whole egg and mix into bread with spoon

  • Prepare & Cook Fish::

    • Put stuffing inside fish cavity (like stuffing a turkey)









    • Place on aluminum foil (for easy cleanup) and put fish in baking pan

    •  Pour or brush melted margarine or butter over fish

    • Bake in oven preheated to 425F about 10 minutes a pound.   When it begins to flake it's done.   Don't forget to eat the cheek meat...its a real delicacy!

    • Serves up to four people

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 E.  Sharon’s Deviled Eggs (Recipe to be completed)


a.       Fresh eggs

b.      Mustard


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