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Rods & Reels

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Rods & Reels

Types of Reels
Spinning (Open face)
Bait Casting (level wind)
Spin Casting (Closed Face Spinning or “Push Button”)

Reels - Spinning (open face)

Best for casting Light baits
Best for skipping baits (Great Technique for getting under stuff)
Less line tangle than bait cast just about none against the wind
Open water Longer

      casts (not as accurate as

      bait cast reel)

Moderate cost

Reels – Bait Casting

Can use stronger line
Power for heavy cover and…
Access to bigger fish
Can use heavier (larger) lures
More accurate in “tight areas”
Best clutch (drag)
Most difficult to “master” (especially in high wind)
Most costly

Reels - Spin Cast
( Also Called "Closed Face Spinning" or “Push Button”

Least cost

Easy to use - Least line

      tangle problems

Susceptible to sand

      and dirt damage

Not as good as spinning

       for light lures

Not good for heavy cover and heavy lures
Poorest reel drag system

Last reel type choice for Bass Fishing


Reels: Getting Started

If your just getting started don’t spend too much on a rod and reel
Start with a spinning reel  
Usually can get cost entry level for $20-$40
Low cost entry level combo rod/reel at $50-80
Take care of them or they won’t last long!!!


Reels: Cost, Quality, Capacity

Cost Range $20-$500 
Generally the more ball bearings the better the reel
Good Quality: Shimano/Pflueger at $90 &up
Get Line capacity of 10 lb with 140-190 yards capacity
Bait casting
Pflueger at $150 or Abu Garcia at $90
Line capacity 12 lb at about 200 yards   

 Spinning Reel Line Problems

Houston we have a problem !!

Spinning Reel & line twist:
Watch for line loops on spool…causes line “Spool Off” or “bird’s nest”
Keep slight tension on line if you can
Don’t reel and “slip” drag (increases twists)
Fill spool correctly
Can remove twists by letting out unbaited line behind boat under power

 With line twists there will be good days & bad !!


Bait Casting Reel Line Problems

Fill reel spool correctly          
Watch for loops on spool
Keep slight tension on line
Adjust “reel spool control knob”
Don’t “over cast” (try to Cast too far) you get…
“Backlash”, “birds nest” or ”professional over run” 
“Picking  out” spool

There will be good days and bad


Spinning or Bait Case (Trigger)
6’ 6” or 7’
Fast tip & strong backbone (no buggy whip rods; see description of buggy whip rods1 below)
Medium for Spinning
lure weight: 1/4 to 5/8 oz
Line size: 6 to 12 lbs
Medium heavy for Bait cast
lure weight: 3/8 to 1 oz
Line size: 10 to 20 lbs 


Rods - Cost

St Croix Premier (good Mid price range
7’ medium Spinning
7’ Medium heavy Bait Cast Trigger

Each above Rod about $100 but other manufactures for $40-$80.   If you don’t’ want to spend that much make sure the rod has a fast tip (primarily bend about 2ft from the rod tip) and strong "backbone" (does not bend to handle).    Avoid buggy whip rods1 (highly flexible and bend somewhat uniformly from rod tip to handle butt). 





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