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    Reid's bass boat is a 21 foot Triton TR21 Limited Edition powered with a 225 Hp Mercury Optimax engine.  Reid Purchased his boat from Dal Tech Boatworks ( located in Oak Creek Wisconsin.  The boat has the usual accessories for a quality bass boat including two Lowrance locators (HDS5 & LMS 520C) each provided with GPS and a Minkota Fortrex 80lb thrust trolling motor. 

Bow To Stern (BTS) Protectant

             I use Bow To Stern (BTS) Protectant on my boat and truck.   It provides a great shine and no waxy streaking.   In June 2012, I went on a guided bass fishing trip with Dan Nowak (click here to read  "9. A Great Day on a Bad Night With Dan Nowak").  Dan has a blue and white Triton Bass Boat that just sparkles.   He gave me a bottle of the BTS "protectant" (not wax) that he was using.   I figured at least it will save me a few bucks on wax for my boat so I took it home and tried it.   The shine looked OK and I let it go at that.   I took the boat out again and when I got home I put another coat of BTS on and lightly buffed it off.   All of a sudden I noticed the boat surface had a deep shine with a great slick feel to the surface.   So... I tried it on my pickup truck bed lid [By the way that lid is also a great product; click on for more in formation on the lid].   I've tried several waxes on that lid and the first time it rained I'd have "wax" streaks running down the side of the rear fenders.   The BTS I applied put a great slick feeling shine on the lid and the next time it rained NO fender STREAKS.   So far I've tried it on my truck front end, interior and windshield.    Its great stuff.   Before I knew it I tried it on so many things that the bottle was running low.    I clicked on the BTS Web site at and looked for the nearest retailer.   Unfortunately the product was new to this area so there were no retailers within a couple hundred miles.    I got in touch with BTS and we got a couple of retailers set up in SE Wisconsin (Turk's Bait Shop in Sturtevant and Mel's Auto Repair in Franksville).   For retailer phone numbers and location maps click on the BTS web site  at  and scroll down the left side until you come to "retailer".  Click on "retailer" and follow the instructions.   BTS has more uses than I can list here.  Other than the truck and boat, here are just a few examples...spray on camping gear, duck decoys, hunters clothing for water repelling/scent block and much more.   If you want more details about the product contact BTS or call me at Bass Beginnings (262/902-4371).    Try it...its Great!




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